Sporty Perpetua gets motivated by her brand new wheels

Perpetua with her two children.
Perpetua with her two children.

A Derry mum of two has won a brand new sports wheelchair thanks to UK charity Motivation.

34 years-old Perpetua O’Driscoll (34) who has spina bifida has been playing wheelchair basketball for the past three years.

And she says playing with the North West Eagles has changed her life dramatically.

“I never felt able to do physical activity, and I felt tired all the time. I just wasn’t healthy,” she said.

After her first basketball game, she felt exhausted.

“I realised how weak I was. Up until that point I had always been pushed in my wheelchair, so I had no strength

“So I decided to make some changes.

“Every day, after I had dropped the kids off at school, my husband and I would go for a walk. We would alternate between him pushing my chair and me propelling myself. I got much stronger doing that.”

Motivation who provided the wheelchair is the leading provider of quality products and training for disabled people both in the UK and around the world, and an organisation that’s passionate about giving disabled people a sporting chance.

“Having my own chair means that I can not only take part the Basketball recreational sessions, which are on every fortnight, but I can take the chair with me to other places so that I can practice on my own time and also take part in competitive Basketball. Now, I feel much stronger. Sport has given me independence and given me the confidence to try new things, despite my disability”.

Perpetua plays for the North West Eagles, founded after the charity S.H.I.N.E. secured funding from the Big Lottery For more information