‘They are turning my garden into a dump’

Steelstown resident George Lynch with some of the rubbish thrown into his garden,(2603jb94)
Steelstown resident George Lynch with some of the rubbish thrown into his garden,(2603jb94)

A Steelstown Road man has appealed to those who are using his garden as a ‘landfill site’ to stop dumping in his garden.

George Lynch said that the problem is so bad he is “continually clearing out his garden.”

Items being dumped illegally on his property include beer cans, bottles, used nappies, letters, family photographs and large green and black refuse filled bin liners.

“I’m fed up running to the dump. This last while I have been so fed up clearing it up I just left it laying there but my wife has cleaned it. We even gave up the bottom of our garden to the nettles at one stage but whoever is doing this just threw their materials on top of them meaning it was even harder to clear out.

“I love this area but no one wants their garden turned into a landfill site!”

The troubled resident then said: “The problem isn’t just the young people drinking in the area though they do throw their empties over the wall and light fires against it. One has to ask questions of their parents. I see parents dropping young ones off nearby before they then walk down into the Donkey Field with their bags of drink.

“Some other adults are also disposing of their refuse in my garden, which is maddening, because Derry City Council offer a free collection service.”

The problem arose, he said when work was carried out on a partitioning wall between his land and the adjoining field, known locally as The Donkey Field.

It is owned by Derry City Council.

“That work effectively lowered the height of the wall meaning it was easier to throw things over,” explained the home owner.

“At this stage we just want it to stop, either by securing the field, our garden or by people disposing of their waste responsibly”

Mr. Lynch has been in discussions with Derry City Council for the last two years about the matter. He has also brought it to the attention of the PSNI.

A spokesperson for Derry City Council explained that they are aware of the issue and stated: “Council has investigated all of the complaints raised by the resident but as the property is in private ownership there are limitations as to the actions Council can take.

“Council will continue to monitor the situation and action where appropriate.”