‘Wolf-like’ dog partially dismembers pet

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People living in Strabane have been warned to look out for a dangerous ‘wolf-shaped’ dog that mauled and partially dismembered a pet at the weekend.

Sinn Féin Councillor Michelle McMackin says the pet was mauled to death during a vicious attack in the Legfordrum area and has been spotted prowling in other locations in the Strabane district.

She said: “The owner was alerted to this attack by shrill yelping and went outside to witness his poor little dog being set upon, mauled and then partially dismembered by what he described as a white wolf-shaped like dog.”

She says the dog has been sighted in various locations and questioned why the authorities have yet to take action.

Councillor McMackin said: “The owner was deeply distraught and when he contacted the PSNI to alert them to the attack he was told by the police that they have been looking for this dangerous dog since January.

“This begs the question as to why the public have not been alerted to the fact that this dangerous dog has been on the loose, or advised as to whether this dangerous dog has been involved in other attacks against pets or farm animals and whether this breed of dog poses a danger to children or adults.

“This dangerous dog has also been spotted in the Ballymagorry area and Gallon Road area opposite the TV mast so I would like to alert the public in the wider area to be on the lookout and report any sightings immediately.”