Woman at Derry’s A&E thought she might have Ebola

Altnagelvin Hospital's A &E entrance (right).
Altnagelvin Hospital's A &E entrance (right).

Health officials in Derry have confirmed that a woman was assessed for Ebola in Derry but that this has now been ruled out.

Experts from London were consulted after the patient presented at Altnagelvin Hospital on Tuesday feeling unwell and expressed concerns she might have the deadly virus.

A spokeswoman for the Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) said: “A person did present at Altnagelvin’s Emergency Department feeling unwell and expressed personal concerns for Ebola.

“The Trust worked closely with the Public Health Agency (PHA), as lead for communicable diseases.

“Following advice from the PHA and health experts in London it was determined that the patient would not have been in danger from contracting Ebola.”

The spokeswoman added: “The Western Trust can confirm that there are no patients in Altnagelvin Hospital being tested of treated for Ebola.

“The Trust continues to work with the PHA to ensure we are working within regionally co-ordinated arrangements and have appropriate systems in place in the event that a case presents in Northern Ireland.

“The overall risk of Ebola in Northern Ireland remains low.”