Human remains uncovered in ‘dig’

The skeletal remains dug up yesterday. DER3813JM016
The skeletal remains dug up yesterday. DER3813JM016

Archaeologists unearthed three sets of human remains at a city centre dig yesterday.

Lead site archaeologist, Emily Murray, told the ‘Journal’ her team discovered three burials under Bishop Street car park. “It was not unexpected, we are digging near St. Augustine’s Graveyard. The interesting question is does the site date to St. Columba’s sixth century monastery or the early post-Plantation period? We believe these remains were buried in the 17th century so there may be a link to the Siege.”

Mrs. Murray confirmed the finds include two adult skulls and a complete set of a younger person. “The complete skeleton of a juvenile was exposed. We know it was a child but the sex is unknown at this stage.” Other finds include coffin nails, lead musket shot, carved goats horn, flint and clay pipes. “It has been a successful dig but nicer weather would help,” joked Mrs. Murray.

The site will host an open day on September 28.