Irish City of Culture bid

Picture Margaret McLaughlin �
Picture Margaret McLaughlin �

Derry could soon mount a bid to become the Irish City of Culture in 2016.

Derry City Council will discuss the issue at its monthly meeting today when Sinn Féin councillor Barney O’Hagan tables a motion proposing that a bid be submitted.

Colr. O’Hagan said it would help build on the City of Culture legacy. “I believe that we should capitalise now while the positive impression which Derry created throughout the country and internationally is still fresh in the minds of people by preparing a bid for the ‘Irish City of Culture’ title at the earliest available date.

“To get the process underway I will table a motion at Derry City Council stipulating that Council formally bids for the title of Irish City of Culture and seeks an urgent meeting with the DCAL Minister to discuss the logistics of this bid and how best it could be delivered.

“I would be hopeful of all-party support for this initiative in light of the tremendously successful year of Culture representing every section of the community throughout 2013,” he said.

Limerick will be the first Irish City of Culture next year.