It’s all about the music for performer Glenn Rosborough

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A musician with many strings to his bow Glenn Rosborough is about to launch his latest single ahead of a full album release early next year.

Heavily influenced by his dad’s love of records, Glenn Rosborough has lived a life immersed in music.

Growing up as a kid he concedes, “there was music everywhere, it was massive in my life.”

Aged just ten he picked up a guitar and started to teach himself. “Back then there was no YouTube videos so I learnt from a book that had pictures showing the chords.”

Nowadays he’s a fully-fledged musician - with plenty of other strings to his bow, including teaching others.

Based at Derry’s Nerve Centre, which is well known as a creative music hub, Glenn’s week is a mix of recording, writing lyrics, doing sound engineering and teaching.

At the minute his new album is currently being recorded with the first single ‘Did It For You’ due to be released at the end of this month.

It’s a track that has a melodic, haunting start, building up into a catchy pop tune - and it’s one that once you hear it, will not leave your head for a week!

The accompanying video has also just been polished up, and it’s a step away from the usual pop video as Glenn decided to give himself another challenge.

“It’s essentially a short movie so it is something completely different. I like to challenge myself. I always think that if it’s a breeze them it’s not worth doing. I need to feel that I’m giving a project 100%.

“The video has a full orchestral score, because I feel it needs it, and the video needed a full script too. It’s been hard work but it’s all coming together now.”

While writing and recording music is a huge part of Glenn’s career he also continues to play live.

“There’s nothing like a live gig. You get something back from the audience when you perform.”

Performances are “nine times out of ten with my band, either as a three or four piece, but I also play on my own acoustically.”

Writing is all about the music too. “I usually get the music first, and it then dictates the lyrics, and I add the other elements at the end.”

Accomplished at playing a myriad of instruments Glenn’s YouTube channel is filled with covers of other artists in which he plays every element himself before bringing them together. These range from Beyonce to Sia and everything in between, including Coldplay, Tool and The Beatles.

“I like doing different styles of music, I don’t limit myself to one genre. My iPod is a fairly balanced mix but I do buy lots of pop.”

Glenn also sees his own voice as an instrument. “I spend a lot of time working on my voice. I try and keep it in good condition and I’m always stretching myself to try new songs. I’m obsessed with songs rather than an actual band.”

Getting to where he is now is something that started at the tender age of eleven. “I started doing charity nights and my brother had his own band, and he was much older than me, so I would have tagged along with him in the early days.

“My parents would say I was a bit hyper growing up, and I definitely craved attention, so getting on the stage was a way of keeping me out of bother! I never felt nervous either, I just wanted to play music.”

At school Glenn soon found that they didn’t focus on the music he was playing. “It was more about classical music so when it came to GCSE year I got the grades I needed and started at the North West Regional College doing a Music ND in Popular Music. It was a great all-round course that included performance, writing and much more.

“Having grown up with music, it was around so much, so I was like a sponge, I wanted to learn everything. I was very lucky in that my parents didn’t think I should be doing something more academic, they always supported my ambition to make music my living. I guess that comes from the early days when I was this hyper child and they could see that putting my energy into music was one way of keeping me busy!”

Busy is a perfect word with which to describe Glenn and he concedes that he likes to keep going.

“There’s no point in having one string to your bow, and I think that being a musician these days is about being able to do a bit of everything.”

His working life at the Nerve Centre, mentoring those aged 16 and over, is a job he loves.

“It’s brilliant and it’s hard not to get inspired by them.”

And they’re not learning from a book like he did. “Most definitely not. Things have changed so much that they’re now going on YouTube for detailed explanations and videos.”

Glenn is also moving with the times with a Facebook page, YouTube channel and music on SoundCloud all showcasing his latest work.

“It’s a different world out there. People tend to go online to hear new tracks, share music out and that’s where I have my work too.”

As he forges ahead with his new music it’s clear Glenn’s ahead of the game.