James May and the hit show that’s made in Derry...

Catherine Ross pictured with James May on the set of 'Everything You Need To Know About...'(james may)
Catherine Ross pictured with James May on the set of 'Everything You Need To Know About...'(james may)

As part of the CultureTECH celebrations, a special screening of James May’s ‘Things you need to know about engineering’ will be shown at Sandinos on Thursday, August 30.

The animated, documentary series is narrated by James May and produced entirely in Derry by 360 Productions.

Series producer Catherine Ross, who also wrote, produced and directed two episodes, said: “We take large subjects and break them down in bite-size

chunks and in examination of anything from Albert Einstein (episode 1) to engineering.”

There are also programmes on chemistry, evolution, the brain and speed.

The programme is aired on both the BBC and Discovery Channel, Canada.

Catherine said: “All our animators are local. We hired every top design student and now they are working on an international programme right here in Derry.”

The 360 production company employs almost 40 people and 20 of them worked on James May’s Things You Need to Know.

Catherine went on: “This was the most fun series we’ve made to date, James May is hilarious and he brought his own sense of humour to the shoots, which were all in a green screen studio.

“It’s a genre-busting format, it’s pure information presented in a humorous and accessible way.

The whole series is animation-based, a mix of illustration, archive and text, but it’s a rock solid factual series with serious credentials in our contributors and consultants.

“It’s very different to other factual programmes on the telly though.”

It is certainly a format which works, as, to the delight of all at 360 Productions, the audience continues to grow week on week.

Catherine said; “The audience love it - we got over a million viewers for the Brain episode on Monday night that was a 30% increase on last weeks figures.”

Catch the very impressive James May’s Things you need to know about... on BBC 2 at 10pm Monday night or on BBC I Player.