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Chairperson of "gra Shinn F�in in Derry Michael McCrossan with some Paestinian children during a visit to Gaza in 2012.

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A Derry campaign designed to show support for the people of Gaza who have been bombarded with missiles from Israel for the last two weeks, went worldwide at the weekend.

In last Friday’s edition of The Derry Journal we published the story with the headline ‘Ógra Shinn Féin chair calls for Derry to support Gaza’.

Michael McCrossan, chair of Ógra Shinn Féin in Derry, wanted as many people as possible to light a candle and along with a message on a piece of paper, place it in a window sill before taking a photograph and uploading it to as many social network sites as possible.

The response was unprecedented. Those who shared in Ógra Shinn Féin’s disgust at what was happening to Palestinians by the hand of the Israeli Defence Forces took to Twitter and Facebook to express both their solidarity with the people of Gaza and their anger at Israel.

“When we set about organising the #Light4Gaza we knew we would get a good response but it exceeded our expectations,” said Michael.

“We wanted to get messages out worldwide to highlight what is going on in Gaza, to show solidarity with the people there and get around many of the major TV broadcasters who have not been even handed in reporting the horror going on plus ignoring the tens of thousands of people taking part in daily protests .

“The response for the

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