‘Limavady 400’ hits the Roe airwaves

pete vamos.
pete vamos.

Limavady’s heritage will be celebrated as a “one off” 400th birthday radio station broadcasts from the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre next month.

The Limavady 400 FM aims to celebrate all that is good about the town, bringing the community, voluntary, sporting and business sectors together to deliver three days of radio.

The station will run on August 8th, 9th and 10th subject to an Ofcom application.

A world record press up attempt on Friday, August 9th - which will take place at Drumceatt Square, outside the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre – is just one of the flagship projects associated with the radio station.

Organisers are hoping more than 400 people will gather in town to perform press ups for one minute to set a new record.

A range of cultural projects are also planned to coincide with the event.

Station co-ordinator Peter Vamos is looking forward to the project, and is calling on the town to back the station and make it their own.

“This August an electrical storm will hit Limavady, the likes of which has never been felt before,” he said. “Limavady 400 FM will crackle to life and blanket Limavady and Ballykelly with a new, exciting and energetic sound for three fun-filled days. This temporary radio service will embrace the music, culture, history, activities and soul of Limavady by shining the spotlight on the people and groups who make the town great. Broadcasting live from the Roe Valley Arts and Culture Centre, Limavady 400 FM will celebrate our 400th birthday with music and events in Drumceatt Square and everyone is invited. Now we’re looking for people and groups to get involved. Got a story? Got a song? Want to learn about radio broadcasting or have an idea for a show? Get in touch! The only limit is your imagination. Limavady 400 FM… our new voice.”

Limavady 400 events co-ordinator Andy Chapman is hoping the world record attempt will attract big interest.

“It’s a one off chance to put ourselves on the map for a day,” he said. “We want to pull everyone in for this, from the man and woman on the street to sports clubs across the area. We want people to claim the record for themselves. Karate clubs, kickboxing clubs, soccer, rugby, football, hockey, cricket teams; everyone. Bring your club colours and break the record in style.”

Local businesses are also asked to contribute to the one off station by sponsoring one of 12 exclusive ‘three-hour slots’, said Andy. Email andy.chapman@limavady.gov.uk for more information.