Linen Over Gold at Flax Mill

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The annual Flax Mill fashion Show at Derrylane just outside Dungiven is fast approaching with the theme this year “Linen Over Gold”.

Marion Baur from the Mill said after last year’s “outstanding and very successful event and all the press-hype afterwards, it is foreseeable that even more people will want to take part – a good complaint indeed”.

“We always give the Fashion Show a title and are doing so this year and “Linen over Gold” is our choice for 2011. There’s a double-edge to this: While it gives away my liking for Mark Knopfler’s “love over gold” album it also intends to show how highly we value “the aristocrat of textiles,“ said Mr. Barr.

“75% of our work here at Flax Mill is now linen – both in the much increased weaving and in the finished-product-end of things (wool lovers do not worry the remaining 25% will feature in the Fashion Show!!) and obviously we want this to reflect in the event and its title.”

Models will showcase unique designs for the first time – new creations in Irish Linen, pure wool and some mixtures of both with other natural fibres.

“Our linen waist-coats have been a good success – we have worked hard at new designs and the blending-in of other raw materials.

After red and black being the dominant colours last year, we have had a very close look at nature this time. If you can find a picture of a flax-plant in bloom, have a good look and you’ll be able to guess some of my colour-choices.

“As always, quite a number of the designs are my own and of course practically all the fabrics woven here.

Kenneth Mc Clure, up-and coming textile designer from Downpatrick, is creating (and making) several pieces. He specialises on ladies’ clothes. We are very excited about his first input into the Flax –Mill range of products. Our “new addition”, Maura Mc Kee, who studied textile-science at Manchester, is a very talented lady and her stamp-mark will show. It wouldn’t be Flax Mill if we hadn’t the one or the other additional surprise from this area in the back of our sleeve.

“Many people have been asking about Sarah Morrison recently. The great weaver and award-winning designer from Derry City has been extremely busy designing for Magee’s of Donegal and it’s great to see this unusually talented young lady finding her place in one of the most profiled and long-standing textile-companies on these shores.

This means of course that she didn’t have as much input into our practical work – her thoughts and ideas are still of great value to us and Sarah will certainly be at the Fashion Show.”

For more information call (028) 777 42655.