Local children support Triax

Children from Holy Child Primary School taking part in the Triax scheme. (0812MM29)

Children from Holy Child Primary School taking part in the Triax scheme. (0812MM29)

Primary school children from across the Triax area have been taking part in new environmental project that has involved members of the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team (TNMT) visiting every class in the area.

The Fresh Start Educational Programme, which has brought together the TNMT and NIHE’s Educational Officer Patrick Duddy, has seen every primary school child in Triax take part in environmental awareness raising and activities.

Speaking to the Journal, Colm Barton of the TNMT said: “Over the last few weeks we have been in every primary class in Triax, a total of 69 classes and almost 1,800 children.

“The children have been incredibly interested and informed and as well as learning more about contributing to the appearance of their areas, they have also had a chance to get their hands dirty as well.

“The response has been fantastic from all the schools and children involved and I’m convinced this is something we can build on in the years ahead.”

Mr Barton also said the children were enthusiastic about improving their local areas.

“Whether it was taking part in the presentations, planting daffodils or designing posters the children have shown real enthusiasm and energy. When we talk about improving our areas we can be rightly proud of the views of our young people.”

Patrick Duddy said: “It was a great challenge to help co-ordinate a project to involve all 1,800 pupils; but once Tus Maith/Fresh Start was up and running the commitment of the Triax environmental workers, the buy-in from schools and the eagerness of the pupils really helped make it great success.

“Everyone is now looking forward to daffodils flowering in the spring.’




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