Maisie finds hidden 

Maisie Crawford pictured with the frame and the card this week. DER3614MC029
Maisie Crawford pictured with the frame and the card this week. DER3614MC029
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When Waterside woman Maisie Crawford bought a photo frame in the St Vincent de Paul charity shop some months ago, she thought she was buying just that.

A keen painter, Maisie had bought the frame with the intention of restoring it but discovered a sentimental card in the back of it when inserting one of her own paintings. Now she wants to return the card to the original owner.

“I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I’d discovered a hidden treasure” Maisie told the Journal this week. However Maisie had to do some detective work to find out what the contents of the card were, because it was written in German. However thanks to the keen eyes of her Pink Ladies fellow members Clare Cregan and Bridie McIntyre, Maisie was able to get the card to a translator.

The card was written on December 9, 1989. and addressed simply to ‘My Dear Ciara, my treasure’ and signed off ‘1,000 kisses, from Tina.”

The ‘Ciara’ referred to is about to turn 3, so would now be aged 24.

There card begins: “The day after tomorrow you will celebrate your third birthday, the card won’t reach you as always on time but you can enjoy it later.”

The writer tells the three-year-old that she has sewn her a birthday present which was sent in the post and mentions going to ‘Freiburg.’ A reference is also made to a person called ‘Eike.’

“I’m sure someone put this away for safekeeping and then the frame ended up in a charity shop,” said Maisie.

“Hopefully now we can get it back to them.