Make Politicians History - is history

Madcap politician 'Rainbow' George Weiss has been so impressed at Stormont's handling of the latest dissident crisis, he has abolished his 'Make Politicians History' political party.

Speaking to the ‘Derry Journal’, 67 year-old Rainbow George praised the determination of our leading politicians following the recent violence which has left two soldiers and one policeman dead.

“The Make Politicians History party is being made history,” Rainbow George told the ‘Journal’, “I have been so impressed with what I have heard and seen from your politicians on the news in the last week or two, I see no need for the party anymore.

“I never thought politicians would ever make peace in Northern Ireland - that’s why we created this party in the first place - but now there is a peace process and people seem to be genuinely united in making it work, so the party ends here. I’ve already informed the electoral commission and we’ve been withdrawn from the official list of parties in Northern Ireland.”

He went on: “I think Martin McGuinness and all your politicians should be applauded for their handling of recent events and I think your politicians are setting a fine example for people to follow.”Rainbow George Weiss, a friend of the late comedian Peter Cook, visited Derry in 2007 in search of candidates to represent his Make Politicians History party. He originally came to prominence in the North when he stood for the 2001 Belfast elections after founding his own political party, the ‘Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket’.

In 2007, he stood in all four Belfast constituencies during the Northern Ireland Assembly election. Sinn Fin leader Gerry Adams gave him a sixth preference vote in West Belfast for his Make Politicians History party. George also revealed that symbol of the abolished party - a giant rainbow-coloured tick - is to be put up for auction on eBay.