‘Make Strep B testing routine’

Junior Minister Martina Anderson has called for routine screening of pregnant woman for Group B Streptocpccus.

Ms Anderson made the call after meeting with a group of woman who are leading the campaign to have the test made a routine procedure for all pregnant women.

“There is evidence that if screening for this infection is incorporated in the normal regime of care for pregnant women its incidence can be cut by 80%. I can not understand the rationale for not making screening normal practice. While the campaign and its 3 simple messages; ‘B’ aware, ‘B’ tested and, anti-‘B’-iotics is a welcome step in raising awareness in the 9 out of 10 pregnant women who are unaware of this infection, in common with the ‘B’ Aware campaign I would like to see routine screening become a normal practice in our antenatal care,” she said.