Mission of ‘deep prayer’ will minister in every diocese

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A new Catholic committee calling parishioners to silence and deep prayer was officially formed in the Derry Diocese at the weekend.

The mission, which is called the Derry Diocesan Adoration Committee, was originally set up in December with the approval of Bishop Seamus Hegarty.

The inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday at a Mass in Termonbacca attended by Father Colum Clerkin, group spiritual director, Monsignor Eamonn Martin and many lay people.

The aim of the new committee is to establish a system of weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in every parish of the diocese and to strengthen or expand adoration in parishes where it is already established.

Assistant secretary Sandra Doherty explained: “The members of the newly-formed Committee will, during the next few months, reach out in prayer, humility and perseverance to parishes within the Derry diocese to promote and consolidate Eucharist Adoration and eventually Perpetual Eucharist Adoration, where possible, in some parishes.

“Adorers accept the challenge to live the Good News of Jesus Christ, to strive to be people of prayer, vision, and mission, embracing God’s call to share Gods gifts and witness to others.

“In today’s rapidly changing world we face many unexpected events in life. We may be parents or grandparents worried about the future of our children, or have concerns about losses: death of a loved one, loss of employment, depression, emotional problems, or sickness – the list is endless. Additionally, young adults may be facing important life decisions but the good news is we can bring all our needs to Jesus.”