Movement with plans for Brandywell

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Derry City Council confirmed on Friday that it is a step closer in realising the redevelopment of the Brandywell stadium as a recommendation was agreed to move to the next stage in the process.

The agreement came as part of a special Development Committee meeting. The project which has been agreed will amount to a £10.3million in capital and includes plans for the development of a 5,100 seated stadium meeting UEFA category II requirements and the restored grass playing pitches, speedwork track and training facilities at Daisyfield and the Brandywell showgrounds.

Chair of the Development Committee, Colr Martin Reilly, said: “I am delighted that Council has preferred this option for the redevelopment of Brandywell which received cross party support. “The next step for this catalyst project is to submit a full and formal business case to Minister of Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure to secure a contribution towards the capital costs of the project. Council will continue to manage the expectation of achieving a new stadium by the end 2014,” he added.