Moville buzzing as 7th DylanFest approaches

According to guys who play regularly on the Dylan circuit, Moville & Greencastle now have the biggest DylanFest in Europe.

This is the 7th year of Stuck Inside of Moville and it is expected to be one of the biggest, and maybe the biggest so far.

Said organiser Gerry McLaughlin, “I’m astonished at the number of people who said to me that they heard Moville & Greencastle’s DylanFest being discussed on various national radio stations. Indeed my sister, who works in Dundalk, said that she heard guys at her work talking about it after hearing about it on the radio on the way into work”.

There have been, previously, acts from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland and France and this year’s top acts are Al-Diesan from Sardinia in Italy and Planeausters from Germany. It will take place in Rosatos, Maguires and Big Ben’s in Moville and in the Sean Ti and Ferryport in Greencastle. For the family there are afternoon outside gigs at the picturesque Putting Green Cafe which overlooks Lough Foyle.

The Moville DylanFest is not only the biggest in Europe but the only one that is multi-venue both indoors and outdoors and lasting 4 days. Most of the others are single venue lasting one day or two days and are either inside or outside.

Said Gerry, “The guys coming from abroad lose money on it but those that are new just want to be there and those that have been before have fallen in love with it. Indeed we had acts from Holland and France who wanted to come back but we couldn’t get them enough gigs”.

Last night it kicked off in Rosatos with Come Gather Round People Night. Tonight (Friday) is Times They Are A Changin’ Night with Planeausters in Rosatos, Paddy the Shoe in Rawdons and a Dylan DJ in Big Ben’s.

Forever Young Afternoon (Saturday) and Mr. Tambourine Man Afternoon (Sunday) see music by Micky ‘The Hat’ Roberts from Wales and Billy McInnes from Belfast who will play outside at the Putting Green Cafe with the Relics of St. Valentine in Maguires on Forever Young Afternoon.

Stuck Inside of Moville Night (Saturday) sees Al-Diesan from Sardinia in Rosatos and top Derry duo, Ryan O’Dochertaigh and Kevin Brown, who play high octane Dylan music, in the Sean Ti.

No Direction Home Night sees The Relics of St. Valentine in the Ferryport, Ryan O’Dochertaigh and Kevin Brown in Rosatos and Planeausters in Maguires.

Said Gerry “There’s been so many enquiries, with one guy booked to fly in from Michigan for just the Friday and Saturday nights, that it looks as if it is going to be a bumper DylanFest. Let’s hope that the sun shines and Hard Rain Doesn’t Fall”.