Muff firm puts workers on notice

The increasingly bitter dispute between a Cross Border company and Tesco took another twist yesterday when it was confirmed at least 100 workers have now been put on protective notice.

Martin McCafferty, boss of Rock Shop Fitting Services, based at Kilderry in Muff, said he had ‘no choice’.

Speaking with the Journal Mr. McCafferty said he was annoyed by claims made by Tesco that they had not broken any agreements with his company, and that they had awarded work to Irish based companies as was part of their ‘mission statement’ for trading in Ireland.

He told the ‘Journal’: “The two companies they have awarded the contracts to are incorporated in England. It’s easily checked out by anyone who wants to take the trouble.

“Indeed one of them is a subsidiary of the French company which they have given exclusive rights to work in the Republic for the past 12 years while denying us the right to tender for the work.”

Asked if his workers’ high visibility protests against Tesco could prove counter productive Mr. McCafferty said it was a risk they were willing to pay

“This is about fairness to them. They believe they have nothing to lose. They have done quality work and we are cheaper by some distances so they don’t see why they should go quietly. “

He concluded that another 50 jobs could go next month when the Tesco contract runs out:“This is serious. This is people’s livelihoods.”