New breakwater pontoon on Foyle

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There has been considerable activity on the River Foyle in recent months with the construction of a 140 metre floating pontoon and a cruise ship quay.

The new facilities are seen as key drivers in allowing the city and its hinterland to realise its marine tourism potential.

The new ‘breakwater’ pontoon is a reinforced concrete floating structure which is capable of absorbing berthing forces from large vessels. The pontoon also includes toilet and shower facilities for users as well as power and water supply for visiting boats. One notable aspect of the facility is the care taken in the planning and design to accommodate disabled boat users.

The upgrade to Meadowbank Quay, just downstream from the city centre, provides a 190m long berthing for large naval boats, medium size cruise ships and the like.

Modifications have been made to the quayside railings, fenders and mooring bollards to permit the safe berthing of vessels and to ease discharge of passengers.

“We’re very pleased with the finished result which further adds to the necklace of marine tourism infrastructure along the River Foyle,” said Derick Anderson, of the Loughs Agency.