New edition of Waterside Voices on sale

The Winter 2013/2014 issue of the popular community magazine ‘Waterside Voices’ is now in the shops.

Lots of highlights in this issue! Charlie McDaid paints a unique picture of the Waterside in days gone by in his brillantly researched article ‘Demise of the Corner Shop’. Likewise. John Lynch, in his article ‘The Changing Countryside’, traces the trails of long gone shops scattered throughout the countryside.

With Culture Year now a thing of the past, Hilary McClintock recalls the many highlights and offers her hopes for the future in her excellent article, ‘Thoughts on 2013’. From her home in Kent Helen Davies has also followed Culture Year with passionate interest and recalls this in her article ‘ A Very Special Year’.

John McCormack writes about suffragette Emily Pankhurst and her visit to Derry in 1910 when she spoke in St Columb’s Hall, John McGee remembers boyhood days in ‘The Lemonade Pitch’ and Alfred Hutchinson tells of the boyhood playgrounds of the 1930s. Ernie Falconer relates a story of a night gone wrong in ‘Game On’ and Francis Harkin recalls ‘Hydro Workers of the 1950s’.

There is also poetry from John F McCartney and Helen Davies plus the popular ‘Pictures From The Past’ in another not to be missed edition of ‘Waterside Voices’, which is now on sale at newsagents and other outlets across the city