New Year, New Start

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Many of us use the new year to give up a vice, to take up something new or to turn a corner in our lives.

The ‘Journal’ decided to ask a number of local people who have made the news in the last year what their new year’s resolution would be.

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Local playwright, journalist and author Felicity McCall, who had great success in 2011 with her first world war play ‘We Were Brothers’ admitted she never really made New Year’s resolutions, but aimed to make the most of every day as it happens in the future.

Felicity has many exciting projects to look forward to in the new year, including a novel aimed at teenagers which is to be launched in the coming months.

“Lots of good things happened for me in 2011, with being named Derry City Council’s woman of the year for the arts, publishing a book of short stories and winning the National Lottery Award for We Were Brothers.”

“There are so many talented people in this city and that will be my inspiration in the year ahead.”

Claire Allan. (0209C01)

Claire Allan. (0209C01)

Local singer/songwriter, Paddy Nash, who was “forced to be come a full time musician” last year has made getting healthy his new year’s resolution.

“I have a five month head start on the cigarettes, so I have decided to try and be healthy this year.”

Paddy has made a further resolution to “finish off a lot of songs” before his band, The Happy Enchilada’s, launch their second album this year.

2011 was a positive year for Paddy, as he performed at Glastonbury and went on tour with Billy Bragg.

However, he certainly has a lot to look forward to in the coming year with his band and continuing his solo work. Paddy plans to perform in both England and America in the near future and considers 2012 his “make or break year.”

Deputy Mayor Kevin Campbell told the ‘Journal’ his new year’s resolution was to “work even harder for the people of this city.”

He said this year was all important in building for the City of Culture year and he aims to work 100% harder as an elected representative.

Best selling author, Claire Allan, said: “I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions because I normally fail at them - but nothing beats trying. So this year I’m going to (hopefully) lose a bit of weight - without setting any mad unrealistic goals.”

Claire also wants to learn to cook “dishes which don’t involve potato waffles, toast, spaghetti hoops or fish fingers (or any combination of the above).”

Claire is also aiming to get her new book, with a working title of ‘What becomes of the Broken Hearted’ to the publishers on time.

“In 2012, I have a few things to look forward to - my son making his First Holy Communion in May and my daughter starting nursery school in September.

“I’m also looking forward to becoming an auntie again in July.”

The last year held many successes for Claire and her biggest achievement was writing ‘If Only You Knew’ and seeing the reaction it has received from readers.