‘No Butts’ in Buncrana

In the 2012 Tidy Towns report Buncrana Tidy Towns Initiative (BTTI) lost points in the Litter category for chewing gum and cigarette butts. The report stated that “The main shopping street had chewing gum in most areas except outside Abrakebabra as there appeared to be a newly installed pavement here. It could be a good science project to map the progress of gum litter in this area! Cigarette butts were noted outside public houses even where bins were provided. Thus perhaps a future campaign could focus on these types of litter?”

To increase marks in this year’s competition BTTI along with Buncrana Town Council are running a campaign to target the problem of cigarette butt litter. The answer to the problem is by no means a simple one. Deterrents like fines have a role to play, but the key to cleaner streets and a more pleasant environment for us all lies in the education of potential offenders. The mentality of flicking butts and littering needs to stop. If you are a smoker who has contributed to the unsightly mess of cigarette butts on our streets then please consider the impact of your actions - and stop now and if you are the owner of a premise like a pub, shop or office please ensure that the area immediately outside your establishment remains litter free.