North West railway study announced

A study on the effects of a railway through the North West has been commissioned by the Minister for Regional Development, Conor Murphy.

Mr Murphy has instructed senior officials from his department to meet with Donegal County Council about the proposed rail link between Derry, Donegal and Sligo.

The study will consider the long term social, physical and economic redevelopment of the railway throughout the North West and has been welcomed by Sinn Fein MLA, Raymond McCartney.

Mr McCartney, the Sinn Fin’s Regional Development spokesperson, welcomed the announcement.

He said: “Sinn Fin has been making the case for the redevelopment of the railway through the North West for a long time now. We raised this issue with both the Irish and British Governments during the peace negotiations at St Andrews and brought the case to the EU Transport Commissioner. Just recently my colleague on Donegal County Council, Pdraig Mac Lochlainn, proposed a motion calling for the appointment of a dedicated council officer to promote the development of a rail network linking Derry to Letterkenny and Sligo and the establishment of a cross border implementation committee that will ensure that the campaign for a rail network in Donegal will be based on a united, council led and all party approach.

“This commitment from Minister Conor Murphy shows that the campaign for a rail network in the North West and Derry/Donegal in particular is well and truly moving forward with pace.

“However it is now imperative that the government in the Twenty-Six Counties weighs in on this project with a sound commitment to the delivery of a rail network in the North West.”