WATCH: 10 of the most viewed Storm Doris videos

Storm Doris battered the UK yesterday and much of it was captured on video.

How to eat your pancake

12 ways to have pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

Get the lemons, sugar and chocolate sauce in - because pancake day is almost here!


How workers can enjoy 18 days off this Easter with just nine days annual leave

With March just around the corner and the Christmas holidays now a distant memory, a prolonged break from work may seem like just wishful thinking.


Bookies exploiting fans with live odds adverts during games

Bookmakers are exploiting fans watching Premier League matches with "Live odds" adverts which promise an "easy big win," scientists warn.
Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has waded into the Primark t-shirt row.

"Holy cr*p, people are stupid:" Walking Dead actor blasts Sheffield Methodist minister who got Primark to ban "racist" t-shirt

An actor whose catchphrase is at the centre of a "racist" t-shirt row has blasted the Sheffield Methodist minister who got Primark to ban the garment after he complained.
As Storm Doris ,one of the fiercest storms of the winter saeson, hits the UK a man runs naked through Sheffield. Picture Scott Merrylees

Naked jogger pictured braving Storm Doris winds

Gale-force winds caused by Storm Doris weren't enough to keep this confident runner from baring all as he ran through the streets of Sheffield today.
A fire

ALERT: Public urged to unplug EXPLODING tumble dryers

The public are being urged to unplug a range of faulty tumble dryers - after some of them started to EXPLODE.

An aeroplane

Storm Doris: Can I claim compensation for a delayed flight?

AS storm Doris batters the UK, with winds expected to reach up to 87mph, we spoke to the  travel experts at airFair about whether passengers facing a delayed flight due to the bad weather are entitled to claim compensation.


VIDEO: Solar system with seven Earth-like planets found around nearby star – here’s what they could be like

There have been many discoveries of potentially habitable planets orbiting stars other than our own over the last few years.
President Donald Trump at his first major news conference in the White House

Fake news: How do you know what to believe online?

The trouble with news websites is that they all look more or less alike - and spotting the real ones from the fakes is not always easy.
Brit Awards

Seven most controversial BRIT Awards moments

From the KLF firing blanks at the crowd to Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker’s lampooning of Michael Jackson’s Jesus complex to Robbie Williams challenging Liam Gallagher to a “square-go”, the BRIT Awards have always displayed a knack for controversy.

Known leftie Barak Obama

Call for employers to do the right thing for left-handers

Left-handers are the minority group when it comes to handedness, with about eight per cent of humans being lefties.
The "racist" t-shirt and Negan from The Walking Dead.

Primark pulls 'shocking' and 'racist' Walking Dead t-shirt from stores after shopper's angry complaint

Primark has removed a t-shirt promoting hit US TV show The Walking Dead from its stores after it was branded "fantastically offensive" and "racist" by an angry shopper.
'The Bill' was last shown on television in 2010.

Fan of ‘The Bill’ needs one DVD to complete collection of more than 2,400 episodes

A telly addict who has more than 2,400 episodes of The Bill has appealed for help to find one DVD to complete his collection.

Sunshine can boost muscle strength in the elderly, a study has found.

Sunshine ‘boosts muscle strength in the elderly’

A dose of sunshine could boost the strength of muscles in the elderly and the obese, a new study found.

Dale Winton (left) and David Dickinson

TOWIE tans really do make men more attractive to women, suggests new research

A TOWIE-style fake tan really does make men much more attractive, according to scientific research.

A dog owner who is single is thought be three times more attractive than a singleton with a cat.

Dog owners THREE TIMES hotter than cat people

Dog owners are three times as attractive as can owners, according to a new survey.

The average adult will pay more than �1.2m in bills throughout their lifetime.

Adults pay bills of £1.2M over lifetime

Adults will part with almost £1.2m on household bills in their lifetime, according to a new study.


Eight out of 10 feel misled by broadband adverts

The majority of UK consumers find the advertising of broadband speeds to be misleading, according to new research.

Being healthy improves your bank account

Eight ways a healthy lifestyle can improve your finances

This time of year everyone is thinking about getting healthy but have you ever thought about improving your financial fitness

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