From twerking builders to Scottish football fans: 10 most complained-about adverts in 2016

The Advertising Standards Authority has released the 10 most complained-about adverts from last year.

Going online

Baby boomers spend the most online (but Gen X buy more)

Latest research has found that baby boomers across the globe spend more money online than the younger generations.

A woman sitting down

Sitting down too much can age women by 8 years

Sitting for too long can age women by up to eight years, say scientists.


OFFBEAT: Naked female and male cleaners wanted to clean houses in North for £45 an hour

Naked female and male cleaners are being sought to clean houses in the North for £45 an hour - on condition they do it in the nude.

Sick mum and daughter

Mums sick of kids’ illnesses - 18 times a year

The average mum will fall ill 324 times over their youngster’s childhood with colds and bugs passed on to them by their offspring, a study has found.

Creme Egg's

Giant Creme Egg hopes dashed by Cadbury

Cadbury have ruled out creating a giant Creme Egg anytime soon.
Eating Out
Disney toy

Disney toys recalled over safety concerns

A popular Disney toy set has been recalled by its manufacturer over safety concerns.

A vampire bat

Health concerns sparked after vampire bats start sucking human blood

It sounds like the stuff of horror fiction, but scientists have raised health fears after a species of disease-carrying vampire bat, previously thought to mostly diet on birds, has been discovered feeding on human blood.
In 2022 we’ll be able to watch an 1,800-year old star collision

In 2022 we’ll be able to watch an 1,800-year old star collision

A star created 1,800 years ago after the collision of two distant suns is set to appear in the night sky for the first time – as the light from the crash finally reaches the Earth.
Chef Ben Churchill, 30, has transformed the traditional British Scotch egg into a sweet dish that features a gooey Creme Egg at its centre.

Chef creates eggs-traordinary scotch egg using Oreos and a creme egg

A chef has revealed his egg-traordinary recipe for a 'scotch' egg - made from crushed Oreos and a CREME EGG.

The analysis was carried out by MoneySuperMarket.

REVEALED: Which workers are most likely to drink or drug-drive

New analysis has revealed jobs in construction dominate the list of occupations most likely to have a conviction for drink and drug-driving.


Iconic Monopoly pieces face the boot - you could have emoji, dinosaur, duck and penguin as replacements

Traditional Monopoly pieces are facing the boot - but you can vote on what you'd like to see in their place.

Dating show

Singletons wanted for Channel 4’s Naked Attraction dating show

If you don’t mind showing your bare bum on national television in a bid to find true love apply to be on the new series of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction.

Don't Tell the Bride is looking for couples to apply for this year's series.

Derry couples wanted for 2017 series of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’

Derry couples wanting to tie the knot this year are being invited to apply for a new series of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’.

Parking attendants found a Mazda parked on top of a Volkswagen Golf.

PARKING MAD: Tight squeeze at Scottish railway station car park

Two parking attendants had a surprise today when they came across a strange ‘double decker’ at railway station in Scotland.


Five really easy ways to end up with more money in 2017

January may be a tight month, but it is also one where you can take a few simple steps to have a better financial start to the year.

The deadline for UCAS forms is only a few days away.

Five top tips for an outstanding UCAS form

As the final UCAS deadline looms in mid-January, it’s understandable to worry that you don’t have time to complete a quality application that will bag you that place on the course of your dreams. But fear not, because here are some tips for putting together a successful, stand out application.

Is it OK to wear pyjamas when shopping in a supermarket?

Shopper asks Tesco to ban customers in pyjamas and dressing gowns

A Tesco shopper has called on the supermarket giant to ban customers in sleepwear after posting a picture of two women walking the aisles in their dressing gowns.

Can you spell better than a 9-year-old?

Quiz: Can you spell better than a 9-year-old?

You might be able to spell Mississippi, but can you keep up with the brightest young spelling talent in the UK?

Commodore 64

The future is retro: could your old tech be worth a fortune?

While shiny new PlayStation 4 Slims and Xbox One S games consoles are likely to be high up on the wish lists of many this Christmas, others would like nothing more than to slip back in time to the golden age of video games, between the late 70s and early 90s.

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