Do you live in Derry, Co Galway?

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Derry’s band of Facebookers may have mistakenly boosted the virtual population and online popularity of a small County Galway townland.

Anyone who registers their location on the social network as ‘Derry, Ireland’ - the first in the list of potential places when setting your Facebook location and hometown - could be forgiven for thinking that they are indeed referring to Ireland’s fourth largest city.

The Facebook entry for Derry, Ireland - a small townland in Co Galway

The Facebook entry for Derry, Ireland - a small townland in Co Galway

But instead, by selecting that option users are marking their location as the townland of Derry in Co Galway - some 150 miles away from the city.

A number of the best- known local landmarks, night spots and entertainment venues are all listed on the social networking site under the place page ‘Derry, Ireland’.

The Facebook ‘places’ page for ‘Derry, Ireland’ has almost 10,000 likes and lists New Quay, Clare, Loughrea, Kilcolgan and Kilbeacanty as nearby cities to Derry.

Facebook say their advice is for people to check they are using the correct location by checking the map beside each search result when selecting your location or hometown.

They say this should avoid people using a location which, although sharing the same place name, is different from their own.

The townland of Derry, in County Galway, to which Facebook points users, lies to the east of Galway city close to the county borders with Offaly and Tipperary and to the north of Lough Derg.

It has some walls, but it doesn’t have a peace bridge and there might not be much happening in 2013.