Dr Leah’s loving life in the fast lane in London

Dr Leah Totton, winner of the 2013 series of The Apprentice, and businesswoman Karren Brady CBE celebrate the opening of the first Dr Leah clinic.
Dr Leah Totton, winner of the 2013 series of The Apprentice, and businesswoman Karren Brady CBE celebrate the opening of the first Dr Leah clinic.

It’s fairly obvious that Leah Totton hasn’t let fame go to her head - because when you ring her bespoke clinic in Moorsgate, London - chances are she’ll answer the phone.

“Good afternoon Dr Leah’s clinic,” she says, with that unmistakable accent.

Dr Leah.

Dr Leah.

“Or course I answer the phone,” she laughs.

“I do all the roles here. I do all the treatments myself too. When the staff were training I took part in all the courses even though I’m not a beautician. I want to be able to understand everything that goes on at Dr Leah’s.”

The Derry doc is still determined to keep her medical career going.

“I wanted to keep working for the NHS,” she said. “I enjoy that work so I discussed keeping working with Lord Sugar after the show had finished.

“I work one day a week at A and E and it’s great to be doing that.

“People don’t tend to recognise me in the hospital but I have been stopped once or twice on the Tube, or when I’m out for dinner. I think I look different at work than I did in the show.

“When the Apprentice was over I kept working in the hospital full time for a month but it was very difficult because journalists kept turning up looking for an interview. It has all calmed down now.”

And it’s clear that Leah is taking getting her clinic off the ground seriously.

Whilst her fellow contestants on the Apprentice have regularly been seen on the red carpet and on other reality television shows, Leah has spent the last six months making her dream become a reality.

“This is more than just a clinic to me,” she says. “It’s a brand and I want everyone who comes here to have the Dr Leah experience.

“For the past six months I’ve done nothing but focus on this clinic. And it’s taken loads and loads of work.

“Lord Sugar helped me pick the premises. The transformation from then to the renovation now has been unbelievable. It was a huge project and I’ve never taken on anything like that before in terms of building work and construction. But it is great to see the finished project.

“It feels fantastic to see the name Dr Leah on the wall, it is very exciting for me. Since we opened the traffic on the website has been unbelievable, we’ve had tens of thousands of hits, from across the world.”

But now the clinic is open Leah says she’s enjoying having a bit more of a social life.

“I now have regular work hours,” she said.

“I’m taking part in the BBC show ‘This Week’ and next week I’m attending a film premiere. But tonight is a night off and I’ll be cooking for friends.”

Eight people are now employed at the clinic including Leah’s sister Jody who she’s taken on as patient coordinator.

“Jody’s a dental nurse and it has been great for me to have the family support here.”

And Leah says she looks forward to treating her first Derry patient.

“I do a lot of the consultations myself,” she says. “Who knows, someone from Derry could walk through the door?

“I’d love a clinic in Northern Ireland, and Derry would be a place to think about.

“For my Apprentice pitch I wanted to open the clinic in Ireland. But when we looked at it, it was clear that it had to be London.

“The launch was fantastic particularly as it was during my birthday. And on the day I wore a dress by Victoria Beckham, I love fashion, particularly Victoria’s clothes which I think give you a real womanly shape. She’s a fantastic lady, the way she manages to balance it all between being a wife, a mother and a business woman.”

To keep up to date with Dr Leah you can follow her on Twitter @drleahtotton - where she says she does all her own tweets.

“I love Twitter,” she says. “Not is only is it great for advertising but I like people to see the personal side to me and not just the Leah they saw on the Apprentice.”