Mystery surrounds big bang on Sunday night

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Mystery still surrounds reports of an explosion heard in a number of areas of the city on Sunday night.

Shortly before 10pm, residents in a number of areas reported hearing a loud bang or explosion.

Within minutes unconfirmed reports of a bomb blast began to circulate on social networking sites with users advancing various theories for the source of the loud noise.

Some posters claimed that it was a bomb attack with a number of locations in different areas of the city suggested, while others claimed it was a gas explosion.

The PSNI attempted to resolve the confusion yesterday morning via its Twitter site. “Reports of a loud bang in Derry City Centre. Police asking people to be vigilant. If you see a suspicious item, do not touch or move it – Please Call Police immediately,” the PSNI Tweet read.

It is not the first time Derry has been gripped by rumours of mystery blasts on social networking sites. In January last year a similar incident also sparked fears of a security alert when dozens of unconfirmed reports appeared on various sites purporting to give details of a alleged bomb.

Nothing was found on that occasion.