Star Trek star’s ‘Sundae bloody sundae’ post spat

The image George Takei posted.
The image George Takei posted.

Star Trek legend George Takei has unwittingly become embroiled in an online spat over a Facebook post which some people have linked to Bloody Sunday.

Takei posted a picture of a skull-like ice cream sundae on his Facebook page with a caption which read: ‘Sundae bloody sundae’.

However, it wasn’t long before his Hallowe’en post had gone viral on Facebook.

One poster remarked: “You should research the history of bloody Sunday before posting about it.”

In response, Mr Takei said: “...the skull in the ice cream references the deaths of many unarmed civilians... Those “offended” by it need to understand there are many people who will learn about Bloody Sunday as a result of this post.”