Twelve good reasons to tie the knot on 12-12-12

Johnathon Ellis and Denise Meeley take a guard of honour after the wedding at the Belfray Inn on the 12/12/2012. (1312SL31)
Johnathon Ellis and Denise Meeley take a guard of honour after the wedding at the Belfray Inn on the 12/12/2012. (1312SL31)

A wedding day is an occasion to remember for any couple but one local couple who tied the knot his week will certainly not need any help remembering the date.

Jonathan Ellis and his bride Denise Meeley got married on Wednesday - on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year - making their wedding date 12/12/12.

In an extra touch to complete the numerical pattern, the wedding took place at exactly 12 minutes past noon.

The couple said they hoped the alignment of numbers - which will not be repeated for 100 years - will be a good omen for their marriage.

“When we talked about arranging the wedding the numbers just all came together. Hopefully it will be a lucky omen for us and bring us good luck. It makes the day even more special,” Jonathan said ahead of the wedding.

The amazing sequence of 12s did not end there, however, as the groom’s pre-wedding preparations also threw up an unexpected coincidence for him.

Many men get into shape ahead of the big day but Jonathan got something of a surprise when he stepped on the scales for a final weigh-in. “I had been trying to lose weight for getting married and couldn’t believed it when I weighed myself and the scales said I weighed 12 stones 12 ounces! Everything just seemed to fit together so I took it as a good sign,” he said.

Jonathan, originally from England but now living in Derry, is a keen hockey player who plays with the local Foyle Hockey Club and his teammates were on hand on Wednesday to provide a guard of honour with their hockey sticks for the happy couple.

Honorary member

Although hockey is traditionally played with just eleven players, Denise filled in as the honorary 12th team member for the day to complete the unique set of coincidences.

The number 12 has long been associated with love and romance with a dozen red roses being a traditional St Valentine’s Day present, and in astrology many people use the 12 signs of the zodiac for advice on romantic matters.

With so many numerical reminders, Jonathan and Denise will have no excuse for forgetting their wedding anniversary.