Urine bag dumped in car park

Catherer bag which was dumped at st Mary's road car park'Ciaran

Catherer bag which was dumped at st Mary's road car park'Ciaran

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The dumping of a catheter bag full of urine in a Buncrana car park earlier this week has been described as ‘disgusting’ by the local councillor who found it.

Speaking yesterday Colr Ciaran McLaughlin said at first he thought it an ‘innocent incident’ but on reflection he now felt someone had driven up in a vehicle, removed the strapping holding the catheter in place and threw the bag on the ground and drove off.

He said “If you have a look at the photograph you’ll see there was strapping attached.

“This bag did not fall off accidentally, someone pulled it off and dumped it.

“An innocent child could have picked this up and could have ended up with an infection or something.

“This was a disgusting thing to do.”

The councillor said had been working in the area when he came across the bag.

“I aw it lying on the ground just a few feet away from where I was. I didn’t recognise what it was at first but when I went up to it I realised that it was a bag of urine.”

He said he then went to a nearby facility and asked for a pair of gloves but the people there suggested that he should not touch it. He went on: “I rang the local environment department and got them to come and dispose of it.”