WWE warning after viral Derry wrestling vid

The antics of two Derry 'drunken' wrestlers has proved to be a massive online hit
The antics of two Derry 'drunken' wrestlers has proved to be a massive online hit
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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has warned fans against replicating professional wrestlers’ moves after a late night drunken copycat video filmed in Derry went viral online.

The video - ‘Drunken WWE Derry’ - has been watched a massive 62,000 times since being posted on video site Youtube on May 20, and features two would be wrestlers enjoying a late night brawl in William Street.

In front of a large and amused crowd of spectators, the two bare chested grapplers put each other through a series of moves, holds and throws, before a ‘referee’ declares a winner.

Youtube viewers have made scores of comments in reference to the Derry wrestlers, describing the action as “ freaking hilarious and awesome,” “hilarious” and “quality entertainment.”

One viewer wanted to know when the rematch would take place while another said he would be willing to view more via “pay per view”.

A spokesman for WWE said while they would not comment on the hit Derry video, they did have some concerns over anyone - especially young children - copying the moves carried out by their professional wrestlers.

“Unlike other forms of entertainment, WWE regularly and clearly emphasises ‘Do Not Try This’ messaging on a global basis,” the spokesman says.

“We encourage all parents to help their children select suitable entertainment, and to understand the differences between fantasy and real life.

“If parents make the decision to allow their children to watch our programming via TV or online, we encourage those parents to watch with their children.

“We urge parents who allow younger children to watch our programming to explain that what our Superstars do on television should not be emulated or attempted in real life.”

WWE, formerly the WWF, counts Hulk Hogan current heavyweight champ Sheamus and the Rock among its biggest names.