‘OK, Mr McDowell, now it’s your turn - get the ice bucket ready!’

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The principal of a Derry school this week set down a challenge to all the other head teachers in the city.

Paul O’Hea who took a massive soaking when the pupils of Nazareth House cornered him for the Ice Bucket Challenge on Wednesday morning has vowed to get his revenge.

“I nominate all the principals in Derry to take the Ice Bucket Challenge as well,” a soaked Mr O’Hea said.

“Especially Mr McDowell in St. Eithne’s P.S.”

Mr McDowell was previously vice principal at the school before moving to St Eithne’s this year.

All the money collected from pupils who sponsored Mr. O’Hea was donated to charity.

The Journal was the only one to get footage of Mr OHea’s challenge.

You can watch it on our website at www.derryjournal.com


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