Barefaced cheeks are all over my Facebook

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It’s not often I jump on a social media bandwagon but there’s something about the ‘no make-up selfie’ that I can’t resist.

It’s not often I jump on a social media bandwagon but there’s something about the ‘no make-up selfie’ that I can’t resist.

It’s a trend that popped up in the wake of the nek-nomination tragedies - and one that’s fun and fear-free too.

Basically you take a photo of yourself stripped bare of make-up and post it to your Facebook or Instagram feed, tagging in your friends that you want to take part.

It’s quickly gained momentum and it hit my Facebook wall with a vengence on Tuesday evening, with a number of nominations coming my way.

Those tagging me also mentioned that it’s to help raise awareness of cancer but I think we’re all pretty geared up to awareness of cancer. It claims too many lives and there’s no-one I know that hasn’t been touch by its cruel hand.

So, when I posted my selfie I declared that it might be worthwhile popping a few pound into the next charity box . That way, we’re raising awareness, but most importantly much needed funds as well.

I’m also a fan of going make-up free but only if I’m at home and planning to go nowhere! I like to let my skin breathe and there’s nothing nicer than dropping the make-up routine from my morning madness.

There’s also something genuinely lovely about women and girls saying loud and clear that they can face the world without a second ‘face’.The world today is filled with airbrushed images of seemingly perfect women and whether we like it or not this filters down to the normal person on the street.

There is absolutely no doubt that women today face increased pressure to look polished and groomed.

However, what’s clear from the make-up free photos my friends have posted is that they all look great without a spot of make-up on.In fact they all looked pretty amazing.

So I wonder what it is about make-up that makes women so keen to wear it day-in-day-out.

Personally, I like to wear a touch of foundation, some blusher, and definitely a slick of eyeshadow and mascara but I don’t confess to applying it perfectly or in large amounts.

But it does give me a confidence boost and for all the Facebook fun there’s absolutely no way in this world that I would go to work barefaced - my colleagues will be glad to hear!

If you want to take part then please do and you can also text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 to Cancer Research UK.