Beating criminals at their own game

Jon Carter of the Belfast NorthStars baseball team.
Jon Carter of the Belfast NorthStars baseball team.

In a past life I was often asked to put out press releases featuring “men armed with baseball bats”. That’s strange, I used to think. Where do Derry people get baseball bats? There’s little enough hurling played here but couldn’t they at least use hurleys? Should people be playing ‘foreign games’? Yes, that was more-than-slightly facetious but it all slipped by in the stream of consciousness.

Few enough of the bats were recovered but apparently, in the last year the PSNI has seized enough bats to equip a whole baseball club. They want to “develop cross-community sport”! No really, the bats are being issued to the North’s only real baseball team, Belfast Northstars.

A little bit of wealth redistribution is going on. The PSNI is a sort of modern day Robin Hood.

Jon Carter of the Belfast Northstars baseball team was reported as saying that the high cost of purchasing and importing good quality equipment made such donations from the police welcome.

We can only hope that the criminals had gone to the expense of importing the best quality bats!

The story reminded me of the one about a young fella who got his first job in a sports shop.

The manager said, you watch me serving the first customer and then you can serve the next one. The first customer wanted a tennis racquet. “OK sir, would that be for a grass court or a clay court?” asked the manager… The next customer wanted a baseball bat. “OK sir, would that be for a wedding, or a funeral?” asked the young fella…