Billionaire (81) marries model (24)

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An Austrian billionaire, 81, has married Playboy model, Cathy Schmitz, 24. The wedding took place recently at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. The couple met in February and were engaged last month.

Richard Lugner acknowledged the couple’s 57 year age gap in an interview before the wedding. “Apart from the big age difference, everything fits,” he said.

Good man, Richard. You’re a star. I

t’s good that you don’t mind being a cliché. You’re an inspiration to us older men, bringing us hope in the autumn so to speak.

Richard and Cathy may not be regular readers of this paper but I’m sure we would all wish them a long and happy life together.

May all your troubles be little ones, as they say in dubious taste at weddings.

For Cathy it must be a bit like owning the pay day loan company, Wonga. (Until recently she would have been like a member of the Church of England, at least in that respect.)

It’ll cost Cathy something now but she’ll get her reward when pay day comes and that probably won’t be too long.

Then the ‘loan’ will be repaid. Even by Wonga’s inflated standards the ‘interest’ looks set to be enormous.

I was tempted to use the analogy of an equity release scheme.

You know one of those schemes where the older you are the more cash you can raise on your house, although with marriage it seems the younger you are he more ‘cash’ you can raise. Still, you’ll get the idea with Wonga.