Euro Bonus for New Derry City Manager!

Declan Devine, has left a parting gift at the Brandywell following his recent departure.

With the assistance of Sligo Rovers, the former Derry City boss has secured back-to-back qualification for the Europa League campaign.

And with that comes an increase in the new manager’s budget.

During Declan’s tenure, he also delivered the FAI Cup and there can be no doubt his heart and soul belongs to his home town club.

Derry City is widely considered a ‘brand’ in Irish football and it will be interesting to note the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of prospective managers.

That said, Derry City fans are not shy when commenting on the identity of their favoured new boss as I have found out over the past week.

As much as I enjoy the banter with fans in relation to the new boss, it’s not about personal choice - it’s about trying to get the right person who will take the club forward.

Thanks to the club’s reservoir of local talent, any new manager will have the nucleus of a team in place locally but certainly, in the short term, this might have to be supplemented by bringing in someexperienced players from outside the jurisdiction.

That said, it goes without saying that any new players attractedto the club must be better equipped that those currently plying their trade at the Lone Moor Road venue.

Those additions, in my opinion, are the changes any new manager would have to ‘sign up’ to.

For too long now Derry City has opted to select managers who have been given free rein to spend over their budgets - and we all know what practise that led to.

This time around there is an opportunity for the Board of Directors to set out their proposals as to how the club should be run and select a manager best suited to managing those very proposals.

Even then there is no guarantee of success in securing the services of the right man because managing a football club is not like other day-to-day occupation.

Here we are dealing with that great unknown - the human factor - but it’s still exciting if slightly uncertain times ahead for Derry City Football Club - nothing new there then !