Grandparents are really confusing the issue for toddlers

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Grandparents can be confusing for toddlers.

Grandparents can be confusing for toddlers.

Aren’t they confusing for everyone? But for toddlers, getting to grips with language, it can be particularly tricky. Where there are two sets of grandparents, it’s likely to be even more fraught.

Sometimes there’s Granny This and Grandad This as well as Granny That and Grandad That. In other cases there’s a Granny and a Nana along with a Grandad and a Pappa, or whatever. Confusing for toddlers, or what?

Calling one grandad something like ‘Pappa’ to distinguish him from Daddy and the other grandad, sounded a little pretentious to me. Of course once you have to try to avoid being pretentious you’re already doomed to fail. Trying to be different, in any way, ensures you’re also pretentious. Yes, names are always problematic when you have to think about them. Anyway, I’m “Grumpy” as well as grumpy. It’s a long story. Here’s the short version. I misheard a friend’s grandson. It sounded like the child was saying, “Grumpy” when, in fact, was he was saying “Gumpy”. Anyway, I decided to adopt “Grumpy” for myself. For a while, grandson Archie (2) had no name for me. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he decided I was, “Dump,” as it sounds like “Grump”. That was good craic. While I was queuing to buy him ice-cream in a busy café, he was sitting at a table shouting, “Dump, Dump, cream, cream”! Now, I’m “Sump”! See what I mean?