Katie Hopkins voice her big fat opinion

Katie has piled on the pounds on purpose but will be able to lose them?
Katie has piled on the pounds on purpose but will be able to lose them?

So Katie Hopkins is at it again. The rent-a-troll who has made a living out of being thoroughly nasty, judgemental and snide is now crusading against the obesity crisis.

To do so Ms Hopkins, who has a face that I wouldn’t tire of slapping (not that I would advocate violence, of course) has purposely gained four stone.

She has done over a period of three months buy binge eating 6000 calories a day - and the purpose of this experiment of hers was try and understand heavy people better but also to show that losing weight is easy - and anyone who is overweight has “no excuse” for it.

Of course so far Ms Hopkins has managed only to gain the weight - and to do a run of TV shows talking about how horrible it is to be so very fat. (For the record I would at a guess put the new Ms Hopkins at a size 14-16 max, so under the national average for women then).

She has of course saved a good portion of her vitriol for people, other than herself, who are heavy. She can’t understand why they would do it to themselves or how they could ever be happy.

Her opinions are exactly what you would expect of a woman who is known primarily for her lack of empathy and compassion.

And I for one would very much like to know how she feels after she has shed her four stone excess weight - because believe me, it is much easier (and much more fun if we are being entirely honest) to gain weight than to lose it.

Perhaps she would then like to throw herself into the spiral of yo-yo dieting that many of us experience because for most people their weight is not a constant - but their battle with it is.

It wrong of me that part of me really hopes she struggles to shed the pounds? That she may see it’s just not as easy it may first appear -

That every pound lost by everyone trying to lose weight is an achievement in itself.

Perhaps she might also want to accept that eating badly for three months (well in excess of what many overeaters would normally eat) is not the same as living with a lifetime of bad habits.

Gaining weight with a TV contract behind you is not the same as gaining weight because you have a food addiction, a health problem or are an emotional eater.

It was perhaps foolish of the programme’s commissioners, TLC, to think the programme might engender an ounce of understanding and compassion in Ms Hopkins. Then again, as long as it’s a ratings winner, would it be churlish to suggest that perhaps they don’t much care.