Much More Needed From Mesut Ozil

Dave Thompson/PA Wire.
Dave Thompson/PA Wire.
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ARSENE Wenger last week made a spirited, yet totally unrealistic defence of his £42 million purchase from Real Madrid, German international, Mesut Ozil.

And no matter how the Arsenal boss may wish to spin it, surely Wenger must concede that Ozil has prove to be a major disappointment.

And, indeed, he’s been anonymous in some of the games he has played.

When the German was signed by Arsenal the media made a so much of his “assists” as if the rest of his team-mates basically didn’t matter,

In the rough and tumble of the Premiership players must be capable of scoring goals; of having good pace and energy; they must be able to head the ball well; make tackles and, of course, track back when required.

And to be competent at all the above disciplines may prove to be asking a lot but, for example, consider Wayne Rooney who has most, if not all of the above attributes.

Ozil, undoubtedly, is a talent but since his arrival at the North London venue, he has never been seen to dominate or impose himself on any game I have watched.

Ozil, therefore, despite his huge transfer fee, is not a player boasting the qualities required in the Premiership, in my view.

Statistics in the modern game, unfortunately, can take on any meaning you wish to put to them.

For example, Mesut Ozil has a pace accuracy rate of 87 per cent - but most of this percentage is meaningless as a large proportion of his passing takes place in what’s considered the non-dangerous areas of the pitch.

To the ordinary Arsenal supporter, the matter is clearcut - Ozil has proved to be a major disappointment to date.

For many he’s been an absolute failure and it’s now time for the German international to produce the goods and justify his significant transfer fee.