No one is too small in the eyes of God

I know you’ll not believe me when I mention the minor detail that I was actually busy on Wednesday morning. So much so I had a number of missed calls and voice messages left on my phone. The first calls were registered with no numbers until finally I had two missed calls from Radio Foyle. I had been left two voice mails by different reporters who were keen to get in touch with me. I began to panic wondering why they wanted to get in touch with me. Reluctantly I phoned and asked for one of the reporters who had left a message. The reporter was delighted I had called backed and went on to explain how the matter in question was very delicate and sensitive. He continued by telling me a report had been released by Oxford University confirming that there is such a thing as ‘small man syndrome’. It seems it’s one of those medical breakthroughs up there with the discovery that ‘man flu’ actually exists. So you could argue I have nothing going for me. According to the report small people are more paranoid, less trusting and scared of others. I thought it was all nonsense but I know you’re all talking about me. As for being scared of others I’ll have you know I only have to hand over my lunch money to Father Colhoun three times a week now.

After the reporter had finished talking about the Oxford University Study I was left confused and wondered why he had called me. I was then asked would I speak live on the afternoon radio show. I should have known the whole world was against me because when I was interviewed they had another person on line that stood over six feet tall which even on radio made me feel smaller. This man who stood over 6’7 had the cheek to complain how life was hard for him.

He tried to say he felt hard done by because he found it difficult getting into small cars and hitting his head off things.

I would love to be able to hit my head off things.

I was made to eat vegetables for years as my mother said they would make me big and strong, I’m still getting counselling because she lied to me.

When I’m out shopping I have to ask people to get items off the shelves, when I’m in the kitchen I have to stand on a chair to reach the chocolate biscuits which are kept out of reach even on the bottom shelf.

On the feast of the Presentation of the Lord we celebrate the wonder of God being born into the world in which we live.

Mary and Joseph could hardly imagine what the future would bring as they held this little child in their arms. We acknowledge today how God in the infant Jesus enters into smallness of our lives revealing to each of us God’s love no matter how small or big.

Nobody is beyond the reach of God’s love, no one is too small in the eyes of God, and we all have a part to play in building up the kingdom.