Only a Game? - Harry has more opinions than Twitter in overdrive

Harry Redknapp.
Harry Redknapp.

Indecision must run in the Redknapp household because father, Harry, changes his opinion, just as frequently as son Jamie, changes his suits on Sky Sports.

Any benefit of the doubt Harry may have been experiencing recently was well and truly swept way when he criticised the FA for not giving him the England manager’s job one week and then the following week said the FA did a great a job when they named Roy Hodgson as the new man in charge.

The two opinion are poles apart but Harry still expects people to take him seriously.

Redknapp is so self-obsessed that if Pope Francis was to drop dead tomorrow it would not surprise me if he was to manage to find some way into the enclave and receive a few votes.

When I think of someone who defines an over inflated sense of self-importance I immediately think of Harry Redknapp. The man abounds in so much hubris he must believe he is a direct descendant of the Messiah.

Harry is supposed to be a professional football manager but his behaviour in recent weeks has been anything but.

His attack on FA in his new book is laughable. Essentially what he said was that the FA was wrong not to appoint him and claimed senior members of the England team texted him to relay their disappointment. Harry claims he was so convinced he was going to be offered the England manager’s job by the FA last year that he had lined up Brendan Rodgers as his number two.

Liverpool boss Rodgers clarified Harry’s side of the story this week when he stated the discussion had never reached the stage of a solid offer but said he would have considered the position had it been made official.

Harry is an unapologetic self-publicist and whilst he’s a sports journalist’s dream he has to realise that with every bogus claim he makes, more and more people start to take him less and less seriously.

Personally, I have no time for people who are so unbelievably selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, ambition, drive and self-preservation are qualities I would like to think I strive towards but there has to be a balance.

If you are prepared to taint someone’s character to get what you want then it can’t be described as an ambitious move - it becomes vindictive.

When Harry said the FA couldn’t pick a good manager if their lives depended on it he was essentially saying Roy Hodgson wasn’t a good manager.

For anyone not acquainted with the achievements of both Roy and Harry it would be a bit like the talentless E.L. James saying the judges of the Man Booker Prize couldn’t pick a decent winner if their lives depended on it.

Harry is such a talented manager that he is currently in charge of Championship side QPR and his level of indecision has manifested itself there - he doesn’t know if a deal is in place to make Loic Remy’s move to Newcastle United permanent.

Remy, who is on loan at Newcastle, has scored five goals already this season and for some reason Harry can’t tell anyone if the player will be back at Loftus Road.

I can’t stand ‘Bucks Fizz’ but in the future Harry really has to make his mind up, offer his opinion and stick to it. Otherwise, people like me will just continue see him as a clown with a lot of money.