Reaching crisis point . . .

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I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Everything written here over the past 12 months about the treatment of the Culture Company by senior officials of the city council - and of the totally unaccountable and entirely unelected Strategic Investment Board - has been borne out in recent days.

The issue might never have reached crisis point if elected councillors had required council boss Sharon O’Connor publicly to give an account of her actions in relation to City of Culture. This could and should have been done on a monthly basis. But it didn’t happen.

The alarm bells should have chimed loudly as far back as a year ago.

There’s more to come.

The Downey Tribunal is imminent.

In the meantime, those working on the ground continue to deliver.

The No Jury No Prize exhibition runs at the London Street Gallery until November 6th. Close on 300 pieces include a couple of dozen urine specimens, a Ratbag and a tube of paint undergoing torture and a range of more conventional items.

I can take it that all those who swarmed to the Turner opening will be calling in?