So this one time, at Bootcamp..............

Fitness fads come and go. We’ve seen them all here in Derry from aerobics to zumba - and now it’s the turn of bootcamps to come to the fore for those boys and girls out there looking to up their fitness and drop the lbs in a quick and intense way.

I’m going to be honest - brutally honest - up until two weeks ago I used to feel a quiet, seething, irrational ragey type feeling when I saw people posting about bootcamps on Facebook.

It’s the same ragey-feeling I tended to get when people posted about any form of exercise to be honest. I thought having done Creggan’s Biggest Loser I had tackled by Facebook related rage when it came to physical activity. (You know it too, don’t you? The “look at yer wan showing off’ rage?)

But Bootcamps kept that special place in my heart - mostly because I suppose I felt that I would never, ever in a month of Sundays be able to attempt one.

An exercise programme which most people endorse by saying “It was class, and I only puked once” gives me the fear.

So I’m not sure what fit of madness had me signing up to one two weeks ago. Maybe it was the need for some structure after the Biggest Loser Programme ended? Maybe I wanted to see if it was really truly that bad? Maybe I was drunk?

Whatever the reason was, I found myself signed up. And signed up in fact with the only trainer on the Biggest Loser Programme whose class actually made me cry, Conor McBride. (As I called in to see him to discuss the programme his mother eyed me suspiciously: “Are you the girl wrote those bad things about our Conor in the paper?” - thankfully she laughed afterwards. For a moment I was feared that hell hath no fury like a Derry mammy scorned!).

So, I’ve been at Bootcamp for two weeks and I’ve been posting those annoying status updates on Facebook.

I’ve become the very person I’ve scorned - with tales of burpees and feeling the burn and quirky memes about exercise and, worst of all, lots of motivational quotes about getting fit feeling better than eating chocolate. (And no, it doesn’t feel better, for the record, but it is better for you).

I apologise for becoming an exercise bore. I apologise for becoming the kind of person who used to make me want to hit the “unfriend” button - but I finally get why people need to share such information. Getting fit is hard work, why shouldn’t we celebrate each achievement along the way?