‘Tyred’ and out of my depth in Donegal

Whilst away on holidays I stayed for three nights in a hotel in Annagry outside of Gweedore. I had stayed in the hotel in February and enjoyed the mid-week deal so much that fourteen friends and family members organised to stay in August.

It was a small family run hotel which consisted of twenty rooms so we basically took over the place.

The hotel was the focal point for touring around the north west of Donegal and the mixed weather added to the dramatic nature of the mountains and coastline.

Thankfully I didn’t have to drive so for three days my car lay parked up outside the hotel. On the last evening when we arrived back from our travels my heart sank as I noticed the front wheel on the driver’s side of my car was completely flat. To make matters worse the car was parked on a slight hill.

My uncle advised I should reverse the car straight back down the slope on to the car park on the other side of the main road.

At this point I discovered two screws completely embedded in the tyre. I remembered at this point how I had heard a clicking sound from the front wheel on the journey down and based on my extensive knowledge of cars I put the noise down to the mud flap.

Knowing I was out of my depth I stood back and watched two 70 year old men jack up my car and try to remove the tyre. Unfortunately the jack was too unstable so more professional help was needed.

Thanks to the hotel the local garage was contacted and a mechanic with a proper jack, a large hammer and piece of wood had the wheel off in no time. Meekly I stood in the background as the mechanic explained to my uncle that he would take the wheel back to the workshop and seal the tyre. Of course I got abuse for watching on as two pensioners removed my car wheel.

There are many mysteries in life and situations where we find ourselves out of our depth, unable to understand what’s happening in the world. Often we begin to wonder where God can be found when we’re stuck down by accidents, sickness or death. These are the crosses we encounter as we journey through life. Jesus warns that discipleship will mean having to carry our crosses. Jesus doesn’t make any false promises or declarations about the nature of following in his path. Yet when confronted with the reality of Jesus’ message Peter struggles and ultimately fails to understand. Likewise in our humanity when were confronted by our limitations, we too fail to appreciate the meaning of the Gospel. Without being enlightened through the grace of the Holy Spirit we fail to appreciate the true meaning of how the cross reveals God’s love. On our own we can struggle with doubts but Jesus reassures his followers, whilst we can’t avoid suffering God will remain an ever present source of comfort and strength.