Yes, RTE certainly Punked me proper !

This week I got Punked! Good and proper, though Ashton Kucher was nowhere to be seen and MTV were not behind this one!

I got Punked RTE style and I am still reeling at the fact that Brian Dowling got one over on me. It's not as rude as it sounds.

Some of you may be familiar with the show 'Anonymous', where the comical host Jason Byrne has celebrities dress up as someone else for a day and then tries to fool members of the public and television personalities into believing the most dubious of incidents are genuinely happening. Well, originally I was told I was going down to Dublin to take part in a pilot quiz show called '2 Tribes'. Ray Shah, the runner-up of Big Brother 4, and myself would be competing against various members of the public. The show would then be pitched to a network and if successful we would be called back to film the first episode.

Think less 'Celebrity Ding Dong' and more 'Zelebrity Dong Dong.'

All sounds legit enough, only when I got there Ray Shah was nowhere to be seen (he had allegedly pulled out due to other work commitments) and Spirrrrrrral had come instead. Now that alone should have sent alarm bells ringing. Also the fact that the set was in a cramped room in an old Victorian house. And also that one of the opponents (who was hearing impaired) had brought someone along who was allegedly trained in sign language, but instead was just making random hand movements to her 'pretend' deaf friend.

Yes, you read that properly. Not only was he pretending to not hear a thing but during the quiz he started writing obscenities on the answer board we'd been assigned and then decided to start trashing the set. Everyone gasped in horror except for me, who couldn't help but awkwardly find the situation bizarrely funny in the same way some people react to really bad news; they don't want to laugh but their nerves just seem to get the better of them.

The laugh was soon wiped off my face when the fella then leapt forward in what seemed like a mad attempt to do something to my leg, almost knocking me off the seat. Then out of nowhere the 'Anonymous' crowd appears with the presenter. Saved by the bell and saved by a crazed Mr. Dowling, complete in prosthetic make-up, who played a great convincing part throughout.

The funniest part of the day wasn't the prank itself but how Spiral reacted to it afterwards. To say he wasn't impressed is an understatement. He was spouting swear words I don't think have even been invented yet, before storming off in a huff. If only they had caught that on camera, believe me you would have been watching it on one of those 'Celebrities do the stupidest things' shows for years to com . . .

I took it in great spirits and overall was impressed that they managed to catch me out as I always said I'd never managed to be pranked Jeremy Beadle style. I played my fair share of pranks when I was in the Big Brother house and you know what they say, if you play with fire….