People urged to call for Israeli rep’s expulsion

GAZA PROTEST. . . Saturday's Gaza protest makes its way down Shipquay Street. DER3014MC217

GAZA PROTEST. . . Saturday's Gaza protest makes its way down Shipquay Street. DER3014MC217

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Derry people have been called upon to channel their anger over Gaza by writing to the Irish government calling for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador.

Ógra Shinn Féin in Derry urged local people to call for the Boaz Modai to be thrown out until the siege of Gaza is lifted.

Chairperson Michael McCrossan made the call after two motions were passed locally within the past week by DerryCity Council and the new Derry-Strabane Council expressing official opposition to the onslaught unfolding in Gaza. Meanwhile a number of groups have organised a series of well-attended protests and marches over the past few weeks in Derry.

These included at the weekend a sit-in at Free Derry Corner and a rally along the old Civil Rights route, including a ‘die-in’ on Shipquay Street. Pictures from the latter went viral over the weekend after being retweeted by George Galloway.

Speaking to the Journal this week, Mr McCrossan said that the expulsion campaign had been bolstered by the broad support expressed at the official meetings.

“But we need to keep the pressure on and members of the public can play their part in this campaign by sending a short letter to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Charlie Flanagan calling for the expulsion with immediate effect of the Israeli Ambassador from our country,” he said. “We intend to send as many letters back as possible this Thursday, people can call into any of the three Sinn Féin offices in the city and get a copy of the letter.”

The letter to Charlie Flanagan expresses “anger, disgust and frustration” at the “slaughter” in Gaza.

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