Piano Man in the mood for a melody after securing Real Music album deal

A taxi driver who was forced to give up the road after a car accident has just been given a five album recording contract from an American company.

Eamonn Karran took up piano playing full time three years ago after a crash left him unable to return to his job.

Eamonn Karran. (DER1014PG002)

Eamonn Karran. (DER1014PG002)

He’s now celebrating after being picked up by the Real Music Label in California.

Eamonn’s first album of haunting piano tunes ‘Distant Sun’ has now been released and his second album will be released later this year.

“I started playing the piano when I was seven,” explained the father of five. “I didn’t like it so I left. But there was always a piano in our house so I would tinker away on that.

“My Dad played guitar so there was always music in our house.

“I just kept playing. I would listen to people on the radio and it all came from there. I managed to find my own style.

“I simply love the instrument, its tone can uplift or sadden in a moment, it can be a stand alone one man band or the perfect backdrop to an orchestra, not many instruments are this versatile.”

As a self taught pianist, Eamonn doesn’t read music, he says all his music from his ear and what’s inside his head.

“Three years ago I decided to go full time after a car accident meant I couldn’t go back to work,” he said.

“But my wife had just qualified, so we switched roles. She went to work and I stayed and looked after the kids. In between all this I was doing my music.”

With five children ranging in age from 24 to 7 - getting peace to practice can be a challenge.

“Being signed to Real Music has been fantastic,” he said.

“They are the biggest New Age Music Label.

“The music is all relaxation, and about healing and being spiritual.

“One of Real Music’s artists got a Grammy last year.”

But Eamonn admits the whole experience has been a real learning curve.

“I didn’t know how to record music,” he said.

“But I’ve learned and everything you hear has been recorded at home.

“The music is all original, composed and performed my me.

“Finn Drumm performed the pipe music for me.

“I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to open my own studio.

“If people had told me years ago this was going to happen to me, I wouldn’t have believed them. But I would encourage young people to follow their dreams. Work hard and seek out the right people for your style of music.”

You can listen to Eamonn’s music at realmusic.com or log on to eamonnkarran.co.uk