Anderson calls for all Ireland economy

Sinn Féin election candidate Martina Anderson has said developing the all-Ireland economy is the best way out of recession.

Ms Anderson said having two economic systems on the island is a waste of resources.

“One of Sinn Fin's main proposals for economic recovery is the development of an all-Ireland economy. We believe that the present situation where all decisions affecting the economy of the North are taken in Whitehall is detrimental to growing the economy here in the North. The British Chancellor decides fiscal priorities based on what s/he believes are best for the island of Britain with no specific focus on the unique needs of this part of the island of Ireland. Whether or not the decisions s/he takes is of benefit to us here is only coincidental and economic conditions here are not consciously taken into account,” she said.

Ms Anderson continued; “On the other hand, we have an opportunity to forge our own economic future here on the island of Ireland if we take an island wide approach to planning and investment. We could cut out the enormous waste created by having two of everything on this small island of just over 5 million people. Two health systems, two Agriculture systems, two transport, road, infrastructure and Tourist systems etc. What a waste of energy and resources.”