‘Astounded’ at Old Quarry plans

Residents gathered at Dunfield terrace. DER3713SL004
Residents gathered at Dunfield terrace. DER3713SL004

A further meeting with Planners about proposed social housing at the Old Quarry site in the Waterside has left residents of Dunfield Terrace “disappointed”.

At their latest meeting on October 7, the campaigning residents put forward an alternate proposal for the picturesque land in front of their homes overlooking the city. However, their ambitions were short-lived.

Not only do they claim their ideas were “ignored”, residents also learnt of another controversial twist, that the proposed development is for private dwellings and not social housing, as was previously claimed by developers.

“We were also astounded to learn from the developers’ architects that, despite written evidence to the contrary, the proposed housing scheme is not for social but for private dwellings,” says Dunfield Terrace spokesperson, Felicity McCall.

“We accept the Planners’ guidance that the type of housing - social or private - is irrelevant to their decision on the suitability of the plans, but feel that the fact this is the first time in more than 30 years of proposed developments on the land that the words ‘social housing’ have been officially mentioned, has brought an irrelevant and inaccurate emotional dimension to the debate.”

Ms McCall further stated that residents are “disappointed” that the Planners refused to give any consideration to alternative proposals, “despite written submissions, drawings, photographs and support from a broad range of environmental, tourism and cultural bodies and cross-party support from our elected representatives on Council,” she added.

Thanking all their supporters in the city, Ms McCall said that they await further developments and that residents “trust that democracy will not be entirely overruled.”